• Ashvin Shivaraju

    • 2 years ago

    Hi Anjan, another nice and apt topic you have touched upon.

    Especially when dusk sets in, all of a sudden we stop hearing birds chirping. Have to wait until next dawn and there they are!

    When I went to Cambodia, sat to watch the sunrise, sunset, I felt, oh, just one more time please, go back a little sun, let me capture you again, I wont be able to come again. No, thats it…
    I felt an absence on the way back to my hotel, even though I could come again the next day.

    1. Hi Ashvin – thanks for your lovely sharing, and for reading of the post. Yes, the absence you share, is so true. When we stop hearing the birds chirping, until they return, or the absence of the sun, even though there is tomorrow. Beautiful. Such a joyful absence.
      It is not until I came here, I began to truly hear the orchestra of the night, and realised how intense the night sounds are…and the baton exchange that happens during dusk and during dawn (birds to insects to birds, broadly). And again, began to enjoy the rising of the moon, the stars, and through that some absences get filled with some other presence :). 💫

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