Knowing me


I am an out and out Earth woman who changes shape based on the weather, my feelings, conversations had or not had, amount of nature experienced/not experienced, love received, books read, rest taken or not taken, challenges faced, wounds healed, movies watched, places felt, food eaten…you get the gist.

There are days when my soul is like a dolphin, and then there are days it becomes the bird of prey. Sometimes it is a molting snake, and then on others, it plays in the sunshine like butterflies. It becomes an earthworm at times burrowing within, or emerges after days (even years at times) like a cicada, seeking the fertility of the world. I sometimes shape shift into the Indigenous Peoples who court the edges to discover secrets. And then, there are days when I am a human being, holding a glass of whisky or a white wine, seeking cheese and chocolate and gourmet food in-between, adorned in a bright and beautiful dress, hair in curls, flirting with Life, and the very next day totally tucked away in solitude, wanting the comfort of rasam-rice, in a quiet corner of the house, blending, so no one can even see me.

No matter what shape my soul takes, it is filled with curiosity, enthusiasm, deep love for learning, play, and wonder for all of Life, and wishes to more often than not share this celebration of Life, with beautiful people like you, so together we can behold, listen to the earth, pay attention to the stories it wants us to hear now, and discuss how to take from it what we find nurturing for ourselves, or as a whole.

That’s a bit of me in my bones.

My Current work:

  • Founder- Writer-Communicator @ How I Wonder What You Are (Blog)
  • Founder – Circle Holder @ Circles of Celebration (no digital presence as yet)
  • Co-Founder of The Vault (a business with my husband)

My Past work:

Sixteen years in Advertising – Making TV Commercials:

  • Ogilvy Advertising (Bangalore)
  • Co-founded Brown Skins, a film production house in Mumbai.

Immersions with the Natural World:

  • Masters in Biomimicry – Arizona State University (2015- 2019)
  • Biomimicry Professional – Biomimicry 3.8 Institute (2016-2018)
  • Wildlife Conservation Course – Durrell Wildlife Institute (2012)
  • Volunteer-based research program – Marine National Park,
    Seychelles 2012-2013)
  • Certification in Leadership and Organizational Design Training
  • The Art of Leadership – Rockwood Leadership Institute (USA)
  • Cultivating Women’s Leadership – Bioneers, USA
  • Art of Transformational Consulting – Led by Robert Gass, USA