• Kumar Rajeev Ranjan

    • 6 months ago

    Anjan, every article of yours are very close to nature and your artwork in today’s article is totally awesome.

    1. Thank you Rajeev, for your lovely words.

    • Arundathi Om

    • 7 months ago

    Anjan, every article of yours is like a piece of art- one which we can revisit again and again to understand and appreciate the finer nuances.
    And your artwork in today’s article is so very beautiful!!

    1. Thank you so much dear Arundhati, for your beautiful lovely words. And so happy that the artwork was loved! I thoroughly enjoyed making it too :). Much love.

    • Veena

    • 7 months ago

    Anj, loved the way you brought celebrate to life ! I could totally visualize the animations….The sequence you stitched between fear, learning, expansion, peace, love, celebrate – is brilliant. Many a times, we are superficial about these and tend to ignore how they rely on one another. May celebrate be with us, every day of our existences !!

    1. Hey dear Veens – thank you so much, for always reading what I write and sharing what comes up for you. Yes, may we be with celebrate as she seems to want to be with us as much as possible :). True Veens, to be able to not foresake one for another, and take them all together, is an everyday learning. Hugggg!

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