Let us reconnect to our weekend energy and rituals
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Hello, hello!

I wished to propose something:

It’s been a month in our homes now. The initial anxiety, the initial adjustment to the new routine, our initial curiosity to understand what Corona is, our initial worries about supplies…well, we all seem to have made peace with it, either through our routines, either through some rhythm, either through discovering new things to learn/do, or in just accepting all the chaos inside our homes and outside.?

But, it appears like there is no distinction between weekdays and weekends. Somehow they seem to have all blurred into seven days a week. My husband and I were discussing that the speciality of the weekend we all held in our heart, the rituals it came with, seem to have got lost, in the number of things that needs to be attended to in our homes.

So if there are others who feel similarly, here is an invite to make this Saturday, Sunday special again. How about:

1. Waking up really late and spending time with oneself, or with spouse/partner or with family in bed, lazing, laughing, chatting without being in a rush to get up and attend to the chores in the house?

2. How about ordering in one meal from outside, given that many restaurants are delivering? Find one you trust close to your house, and gift ourselves a break from the kitchen or to just change our palate?

3. How about popcorn/chaat/snack night with a movie or binge watching some favourite series, late into the night?

4. How about taking in plenty of sunlight, observing the birds, insects and all that are out and about from our windows and counting how many you spotted, making it into a game?

5. BTW, have you all been observing the night sky…the ‘Orion Belt’ which is hardly ever visible in Mumbai, is now visible. My husband and I were filled with joy when we began spotting it a couple of weeks post lockdown. So why not engage in some star gazing from your terraces. Pack dinner, picnic basket, go to the terrace (hardly do families use it in the night), carry torches and camp out for a couple of hours with yourself/partner/children/family. No matter which part of the world you are in, great time to do star gazing…even if you didn’t have any of the equipment.

7. How about a virtual high tea or coffee, inviting your friends, gossiping away?

8. How about some self-care – asking someone in your house to give you a head oil massage, having a super long shower, maybe an oil bath (traditional style), a face mask, or anything that allows you to relax?

9. How about a date night with yourself or your spouse over that ordered-in food? Candles, music, and conversation?

10. Do anything to shift the energy, and bring in the air of weekend into your life. What new weekend ritual/s can we build?

I am sure each of you get what I mean.

No routine of the week. Just behave silly, spoilt, and lazy. ☺️

The weekends are special, and we can keep them that way and do all that we can to make them super interesting. I am sure nothing will be lost, but much will be gained in terms of spirit and fun.

And if some of you decide to go this route, share what you did on Monday. Would love to hear the ‘chilled out’ weekend you had.

Happy weekend! ????‍♂️


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