Author: Anjan Prakash

Knowing to Not Knowing

How comfortable are we with NOT KNOWING? Over the years we have got used to figuring out everything we want to know, that we don’t know as yet. Google, technology, global connections, easy access to experts, and so much more that we can’t even keep track of, has made `knowing’ available at our fingertips. There […]

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Inside to Outside

What can we learn from nature, to be and live as communities? During such times, it is being able to access the outside, from the inside, that keeps my spirits lifted. I have been taking pictures of the marine bird communities over the last one week from my window. Some are migratory, and some are […]

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Moving From: Fears to Prayers

Over the last few days, there are certain fears that my husband and I have been confronting, and talking through. And these conversations certainly help. But what helps even more, is talking about our blessings during this particular phase. Suddenly the energy shifts, and life feels much lighter and brighter. So, I decided to through […]

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Shift From ‘I’ to ‘We’

Each of us based on our cultures, background, understanding of science, understanding of alternate medicines and healing, look at the current Corona Virus differently. What we need is compassion in times of coronavirus and an effort to shift from ‘I’ to ‘We’. So let’s ask the question, what does WE stand for in such times. Some of […]

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Social Distancing to Physical Distancing

I have been thinking about this word that we have all been reading everywhere. What is Social Distancing? What if we shift this to ‘physical distancing’? Because isn’t this what it really actually is? Yes, there is a need to practice physical distancing in the manner and intensity that works for each of us, as the intention with […]

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