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Today is celebrated as `Guru Purnima’ – Resources say that this day was dedicated to enlightened humans who shared their knowledge with little or no monetary expectations, and were celebrated with festivity to express gratitude. There are beautiful stories from Hinduism, Buddhism, legends, folktales, and more about the significance of this day, when one begins to read and learn about it.

‘Gu’ meaning darkness/ignorance, and `ru’ the remover of it.

I wish to further expand this day for myself as a day of reverence to all Life, all beings and resources on this Earth who share their knowledge and wisdom through their being, through their actions, through their offering, through their gifts, through their generosity of sharing and creating space, have allowed me to access my deeper self:

  • To the Higher Source of wisdom who revels in creation, and in creating so many forms of Life. Through you, I remember and learn that I am a creative being, who is here to create and share.
  •  To every atom, molecule, that came together to create this beautiful planet called Earth, that I am made up of, and can experience life because of it.
  •  For the learning and wisdom every organism brings and has been readily sharing for 3.8 billion years – the kinship I share with you, thank you.
  •  For the wisdom of Indigenous people across the world who laid the foundation for humanity and through their actions, being, and oneness with the Earth, have a wealth of wisdom that guides us – Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). I hold you as my inner circle of wisdom.
  •  For the wisdom of my ancestors and parents, who through their understanding, hard work, love and oneness, have led me to becoming me.
  •  To my beautiful body, who holds me, teaches me, communicates with me, loves me, protects me, and is my friend and teacher for life.
  •  To the place I was born and brought up (Bangalore); to the place that I currently stand on (Mumbai); and to all the places that have fed my spirit in ways that have added to my life. To the resources, energy and matter, that each of these places have offered generously for my sustenance and growth.
  •  To my dearest dearest mentors, peers, teachers, husband, friends, family, loved ones, parents, nephews, nieces, various children I have interacted and observed, humanity in its entirety, all the different cultures, who through their very presence and love, have taught me, belonging, play and celebration.
  •  To Farmers, who through their relationship with the soil, have nourished every cell in me, and of all my loved ones. Who continue to teach me the interconnectedness of us all.
  •  To Elders, writers, poets, speakers, who have manifested in my life through conferences, books, talks, podcasts, movies, and in so many forms of life, that have allowed me to access wisdom from near and far, expanding my celebration for the spectrum of Life.
  •  To the oneness of Life, contained on this planet called Earth, and expanded in its energy through the Universe.

Even as I share this with all of you, I wish for you to know, that in being a part of my life through this community, for sharing your love, and for creating space as I unfold here and beyond, I hold with you the essence of what `Guru Purnima’ evokes in me, through each of you.

Thank you for reading, and bringing all that you each do in different ways into my life, that makes up the above.

The image of PLANET EARTH is to share, how all I have experienced in different forms are contained in this beautiful blue-green ball of Life. What lies beyond this…I still experience being in this.


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