Over the last few days, there are certain fears that my husband and I have been confronting, and talking through. And these conversations certainly help. But what helps even more, is talking about our blessings during this particular phase. Suddenly the energy shifts, and life feels much lighter and brighter.

So, I decided to through this post to check out, how would it be to move our Fears TO Prayers. I have used `Higher Source’ (HS) for the higher intelligence that operates beyond us all. You can replace it with `God’, `Universal Energy’, and the name you call this intelligence by:

  1. What if our fear about whether we will have enough supplies to see us and our families through, shifts to: Dear Higher Source (HS), May all those who in the world right now, this moment and this day have nothing to eat, find a gentle soul who brings them food.
  2. What if our fear about whether we will economically survive this crisis, shifts to: Dear HS, May all those who depended on daily wages and everyday work to feed themselves and their families, find a way to earn soon, or be supported by someone financially through these challenging times.
  3. What if our fear whether `I’ might contract Coronavirus, shifts to: Dear HS, May all those who are suffering from Coronavirus find the strength to heal, find the timely support, and continue to be there for their families and loved ones.
  4. What if our fear with conspiracy theories on whether China or US or any country has some other ulterior motive, fears on who started the virus, and whether this is bio-terrorism, shifts to: Dear HS, May I use the time to reflect on what my contribution to my myself/my family/ community/country can be during this time, based on the skills-resources-time-energy I have?
  5. What if our fear on how long this is going to continue, shifts to, Dear HS, May I use the time I have been given to connect with my loved ones; engage in conversations with family members for which I never found the time for; re-evaluate the needs of the family; and see the direction we wish to go, after we emerge from this.
  6. What if our fear on whether the fruits, vegetables and supplies touched by others is safe, shifts to: Dear HS, May the people who are out on the field working hard to bring us our essentials every day, stay safe, be blessed with food and energy, and lots of miracles from the angels.
  7. What if our fear about going crazy if we cannot step outdoors, shifts to: Dear HS, May I find a way to bring the outdoors into my room, by sketching what I see of nature from my window, by taking sunlight on my face, by watering the potted plans, by watching nature documentaries, by reading books by poets, by skyping friends who have beautiful gardens and asking them to walk me through it? And if none are options, May I remember so long as I am breathing, I am connected to the outdoors and the world.
  8. What if our fear about whether I am going to have a job at the end of this, shifts to: Dear HS, May I use the time available to update my skills, read up, make use of any relevant free online learning, keep my physical health intact, create deep bonds, so if such a thing happens, I am physically-mentally-emotionally resilient.
  9. What if our fear is about whether humanity will survive, shifts to: Dear HS, May your 4 billion years of wisdom that brought this Earth into existence, along with all the organisms who have come before us, guide us with a collective intelligence that is necessary to emerge from this.

These are some of what I reflected upon and wished to share.

I invite each of you to reflect on what fear you are going through,  and if you wish to shift it into a prayer, share it below. Let us shift our energies within individually and collectively.

Love & Hugs.


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